Thursday, July 31, 2008

Upcoming events: Barack's Birthday, National Night Out, Voter Registration Canvassing, and a BBQ!

We have several upcoming events in the Shreveport area related to Obama; four are listed below - come when you can, give us suggestions for more, and watch this space!

Barack's Birthday Event
Monday, August 4
6:30 pm, Centenary College

In honor of our candidate's 47th birthday, we will gather supporters in Shreveport for a screening of Obama's landmark speech on race relations, "A More Perfect Union." If you haven't seen this speech, I would greatly encourage you to come - and bring undecided voters, as Obama's vision and understanding of the current state of race relations in America in this speech have brought many from uncertainty to full support for him.

This can also double as a fundraising event, if anyone has any ideas. We will talk strategy and upcoming events in the Shreveport area, like more fundraising, voter registration at National Night Out, and general voter registration canvassing in the next few weeks. I'll bring the DVD of the speech and some buttons, stickers, and signs. We need volunteers for refreshments!

Get location information and sign up to attend here.

National Night Out: Voter Registration
Tuesday, August 5
6:00 - 9:00 pm, all over Shreveport

The Shreveport area will be celebrating National Night Out, America's night out against crime, with block parties all around the city. You can find out more about the goals of NNO and the activities typically associated with it (block parties with visits from local police departments, cookouts, youth programs) here.

This is a unique opportunity to up the voter registration numbers in our area - we'll have tables present for at least a few of these block parties and we'll also hand out informative Obama flyers to those interested. We need as many volunteers for this as we can get, so please call 318.792.5136 or email if you're interested!

Voter Registration Canvassing
Sunday, August 10
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, certain neighborhoods

From Kneece Camp (318-780-8870,

We will be walking neighborhoods near LSU Medical Center and the area where I-20 and I-49 intersect, to register any unregistered voters. This is a great opportunity to do something that may actually make a difference with your Sunday afternoon. Please bring water and/or gatorade, as it will likely be very warm. In case of rain, we will canvas the St. Vincent Mall. We will meet at Roman Delight Pizza in the St. Vincent Mall at 4 pm to organize ourselves with maps and voter registration forms. Again, please RSVP so I will know how many packets to print up.

Sign up to attend here.

Backyard Barbecue for Obama
Saturday, August 23
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Just two days before the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Colorado - where Obama will officially accept the party's nomination - local supporters will celebrate his victory (and hopefully the victory to come!) with a barbecue. This one is still in the planning stages, but more info is to come.

Again, from Kneece Camp:

This will most likely be held at Betty Virginia Park. I am still trying to get the permit to have the grill. I will send out a reminder email before the event that will confirm the location. We will need lots of volunteers for this: volunteers to bring food: burgers, hot dogs, buns, trimmings, plates, napkins, etc; volunteers to cook and prepare food; volunteers to man a table to sign up volunteers; and volunteers to man a table to register voters. Please come. Please bring as many friends as possible, bring strangers, bring enemies, bring spouses/boyfriends, girlfriends, ex's, kids, grandparents, etc! PLEASE RSVP on this one. We don't want to run out of food! I will let you know when I have the website set up for this one for you to RSVP. I'm just telling you know so you can put it on your calendar.

These events and more to come - please come to what you can and create your own events!

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