Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shreveport for Obama updates

Our next step is to host a Platform Meeting to discuss the issues most important to us - we will draft our own Democratic platform and submit it to the campaign, which will then use it to organize the agenda for the Democratic National Convention in August. I created a Shreveport event here. The date is tentatively set for July 19, but we can change that subject to what works best for everyone. The location is also up for discussion: if we do it again at Centenary, we WILL have signs up indicating where exactly to go, but Heather DuBois is ready to help us out if we want to meet at a local library.

We could also combine this into a voter registration event or schedule one of those for another day: you tell us!

We also have 25 buttons, 50 rally signs, and 600 stickers to share the Obama support; these will be at the meeting, but if anyone can't make it or wants them beforehand, please let me know.

Susan Lucci at the Louisiana Field Desk at campaign headquarters in Chicago said they are training staff and looking for places to establish campaign offices in the state right now. Basically, the more active we are in Shreveport (or elsewhere), the better our chances of getting a campaign office here.

Finally, Mildred is interested in starting a Nurses for Barack group. If you have any ideas or want to join, please email her at

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