Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recap: Platform Meetings, local supporters on the news!

Obama supporters in Shreveport made the news! KTBS covered one of the platform meetings held last weekend - to read more and see the video footage, go here.

A more detailed recap of the two meetings held in Shreveport on Saturday, July 26 will follow, but for now, here's a briefing.

Dionne Procell, who hosted one of the meetings at the main branch of the Shreveport Library on Saturday evening, said the following:

The meeting went really well. We were pretty organized (even though it's hard to stay organized in an open forum-type of meeting) and made a lot of progress, and what we were able to come up with last night was sufficient for submission.

The platform that was finished at the meeting included comprehensive ideas on what national policy should be concerning education, health care, and the economy. The finished platform that was submitted to the Obama campaign will be posted here soon.

Dionne also had the following notes of appreciation to share:

Thanks so much to Earnie Scott and Kneece Camp for making [the KTBS news coverage] happen. It's wonderful publicity. Also, thanks to Wesley Morgan and Kameko Thomas for representing KTAL and Shreveport Sun, respectively.

The organizers commented on the "great diverse group" that attended the meeting, including one Shreveport supporter who attended the Urban Policy Summit earlier that day and also came to the evening platform meeting. Congrats to the Shreveport area supporters, especially organizers Dionne and Alan Brown, for a job well done!

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