Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Urban Policy Platform Meeting: Saturday in Shreveport

Bertha Jimison (, 759-4582) is also hosting a platform meeting in Shreveport this Saturday, July 26, though she describes it as more of an "urban summit, an effort to get more involvement from the black community and the black churches." This one is at 10:00 am on Saturday at the Little Union Baptist Church at 1846 Milam Street. Sign up to attend and get directions here.

Bertha has personally appealed to a multitude of black ministers and urban outreach organizations in the Shreveport area to generate interest for the meeting. Everyone is welcome.

The event listing on the Obama website includes the following description:

Thanks to the Democratic Party and the Obama team, ordinary people are afforded this opportunity for presenting opinions and input into the Party's 08 Platform.

Many questions have been asked of the Party's Urban Policy. Is there one? What does this policy include? Will the Democratic Platform include a specific OR general "Urban (Inner-city) Policy?"

One way to ensure that the Platform addresses some of "our" perceived needs ... of poor people in the inner-city ... is for citizens (us!) to ACT NOW and provide input.

Saturday, July 26, 2008. A summit of several hours, refreshments and all. Summits are being held throughout the country on all sort of subjects. This is to be an inner-city summit.

Comments and input are sought on any or all of the following subject areas:
1. Education/Alternative Education/Drop-out Prevention.
2. Jobs/Joblessness/Economic Development/New Industries/Small Business Development.
3. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families(TANF)/Children Services/Day Care/Social Welfare/Child Support.
4. Community Development/Neighborhoods/Inner-City Resources.
5. Youth Developments & Opportunities.
6. Leadership Development/Role of Men in the Community.
7. Role of Faith-base/Churches/Nonprofit Organizations.
8. Government Responsibilities & Relations.
9. Law Enforcement/Crime & Violence Prevention.
10. Housing/Home-ownership Assistance/Homeless Assistance/Foreclosure Referral & Assistance.
11. Senior Assistance & Services.
12. Emergency Assistance & Preparation.
13. Health Education & Services.
14. Media/Public Services Announcements/Community Information/Ombudsman.
15. Inner-City Beautification/Land Use/Planning.
16. Historic Preservation.
17. Citizenship Education.
18. Services Outreach & Referrals.

Look out for a letter from Bertha in this Thursday's Shreveport Sun - in her own words, "There are many individuals that I talk with who are supporting Senator Obama and are expressing the need for CHANGE! I'd like for them to feel comfortable talking about some of their issues and have them know that the Democratic Party and Senator Obama are also very interested in the needs of our community."

See Bertha with Howard Dean at this past Saturday's rally and other Obama supporters here.

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