Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tips on Voter Canvassing

From Dionne Procell (

For those who took a “blind” canvassing packet:

Additional tips (there is a list of them in the packet as well):

1) Always have plenty of voter registration forms on you.

2) Focus on the unregistered voters in Shreveport who would be likely to vote for Obama, rather than the undecided voters. Do not get in heated arguments or try to convince people to vote for Obama.

3) Try to nail people down for a date and time and place to volunteer (those who volunteer are 200% more likely to vote for our candidate).
(The chance that our neighbors will vote for Obama will increase by 12 % if their door gets knocked on THREE times in the next 3 1/2 months.)

4) You can volunteer to return registration forms to the Registrar of Voters for people who fill out forms onsite (make sure to bring a pen or two), or you can fill in the Registrar of Voters address on the back of the form before anyone fills out a form. Here is the mailing address for forms (this address is on the back of the form, and I would personally stamp the forms beforehand):

Hon. Ernest R. “Ernie” Roberson

P. O. Box 1253

Shreveport, LA 71163-1253

More contact info should anyone have questions about voter registration: 318-226-6891,

And here is the physical address you can give to those people who fill out a form and don't want to mail it: 525 Marshall St.,Ste.103.

IF YOU have filled out forms in your folder, you'll need to call Lillian Priest at 635-6335 and work out a time to return the forms and folder to her. She'll then make sure all forms are received at the ROV office.

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