Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama events this weekend

(left to right: Cal Butler, Del Brennan, Jackie Lynch, Kneece Camp, and J. T. Thomas register new voters while canvassing Shreveport neighborhoods; photo from Del Brennan)

Just a reminder - the campaign office is open from 9-9 Monday-Friday and 11-9 on Sunday (but we usually stop phone banking around 8 - still, you can come by!).

The deadline to register to vote on November 4th is just around the corner on October 6th - only 11 days away!! So we've got a desperate need for volunteers and a big push for voter registration - here are some of the events going on in the next few days that I'd love to see all of you at:

Friday, September 26

6:00 pm - meet up to register voters at the Capt. Shreve Homecoming game. One of our high school interns will be heading this up and may need some help - let me know if you're interested!

7:00 pm - preparing for the debate watch party! The debate, or possibly the town hall meeting between just Obama and the audience, starts at 8 pm, but come by before to volunteer for a bit before we all settle down to watch. We're having watch parties at the office and at Gigi's Sports Bar downtown (the latter is 21+ only).

Saturday, September 27

9:00 am - meet at the office for a bit of training and then head out to canvass public housing developments and targeted neighborhoods in Shreveport - this is knocking on doors and registering people to vote.

Sunday, September 28

4:00 pm - another canvass - this one meets at Roman Delight Pizza inside Mall St. Vincent before heading out to the neighborhoods around LSU Medical Center.

And much more - we need volunteers to help staff tables at Centenary, LSUS, BPCC, and other key locations over the next week! We also ALWAYS need volunteers at the office for phone banking (trying to recruit volunteers and calling back people whose registrations have been rejected), data entry, and general office help. shows Louisiana as the only weak Republican state besides Florida in a sea of solid red - with your help, it should be easy for us to give our 9 electoral votes to Senator Obama!

See you soon!


dolphin lover said...

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Versha said...

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