Sunday, September 21, 2008

Volunteers and interns needed at Shreveport Obama office!

We're in the early stages of building our volunteer army and at this point we're looking for leaders to step up and get us moving.

We need volunteers to do the following:

* Phone banking: Calling a list of Democrat-friendly people and asking them to come and help us.
* Voter registration: Going to events with our teams of canvassers and making sure people are registered to vote.
* Data entry: Logging the results of our phone banking campaign so that the campaign HQ in Chicago can see what we're doing.
* Reception/Office staff: People to meet and greet volunteers, sell Obama merchandise, answer the phone, send emails like this.
* Digital Team: Help get the message out there on the internet.
* Food committee: Make sure we're all fed and watered.
* Drivers: Help us get people to the polls!
* Handing out (and designing and printing) flyers.
* Any donations and contributions of time, money, furniture, food, office supplies and anything else that might help us!

Anyone who is interested in helping Barack Obama win the state of Louisiana should come to our new office at 520 Spring Street, Suite A (we're sharing office space with the Mary Landrieu campaign HQ), call us on 318-221-7902 or email us at Our office is open 9am - 9pm Monday - Saturday and 11am - 9pm Sunday.

Just to give you an idea of what's going on: Until last Tuesday, the Obama campaign thought of north Louisiana as a lost cause, but thanks to groups like ObamaFTW (that's 'Obama-For-the-Win'), we managed to reduce John McCain's lead in this state from 19 points to just seven! When this happened, the campaign started to take notice and sent us David Wilburn, an experienced campaign organizer. Now we have three offices in north Louisiana - one here in Shreveport, one in Monroe and one in Alexandria.

If we can reduce McCain's lead to less than five points, the campaign will start throwing us money, and guess what? We think that within a week we can do just that.

In other words, and I know you may find this hard to believe, we believe that we actually have a realistic chance of winning this state for Barack Obama. This is why we need volunteers and we need them now. Anyone who thought there was no point in campaiging or even voting in this state needs to know this - that right now we actually have a chance - IF the people who support Obama are prepared to step up and help us.

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Amanda McGee said...

My name is Amanda McGee, and I am ready and willing to show my support for Barack Obama, and to help him win this great state of Louisiana, and encourage my wonderful city of Shreveport/Bossier City to step up and vote, and show their support and enthusiasm for this election. I will be reporting for duty on Sunday and am so excited!